Teana Baker-Taylor

VP of Policy & Strategy, Circle

Teana Baker-Taylor is Circle’s VP of Policy & Strategy, EMEA. The issuer of digital currencies USDC and EuroCoin,Teana works directly with policymakers on the development of regulatory policy for digital currencies.

David Nandwa

Founder, CEO, & CTO, HoneyCoin

David Nandwa is Founder, CEO, & CTO of HoneyCoin, a blockchain company making payments on the African continent fast, accessible, and affordable. A contributor to the Stellar ecosystem since 2020, David is deeply passionate about emerging markets.

Carmen Hett

Corporate Treasurer, UNHCR

Carmen Hett is Corporate Treasurer of UNHCR. Experienced in risk assessment and application of transparent, impactful, novel technologies, Carmen leads funding and resource delivery for humanitarian aid and inclusive economic development worldwide.

Michaela Juric

Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets, Novatti

Michaela Juric is Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets at digital payments company Novatti. She leads the development and deployment of Novatti’s one-to-one Australian dollar backed stablecoin, AUDD, as well as the company’s regulatory efforts in bringing AUDD to market.

Tajinder Singh

Deputy Secretary General, IOSCO

Tajinder Singh is Deputy Secretary General of IOSCO. He has over 30 years’ senior leadership experience dealing with strategic issues in regulation, finance, and administration, and has done extensive work with governments and regulators.

Ginger Baker

Chief Network Officer, Plaid

Ginger Baker is Chief Network Officer at Plaid. She has spent more than 15 years demonstrating the positive impact that financial services and technology have on people, businesses and communities. Her team unlocks digital innovation across financial services.

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