The Urgency of Doing

Rome 2022

Inspired by da Vinci’s call to action, and in the spirit Italy hosting Stellar’s 4th annual conference, the theme for Meridian 2022 is The Urgency of Doing. The issues of the world are only growing larger, and we must rise to the challenge by offering our own solutions – and then acting upon them.

Join us during October 11 - 13 at this year's conference, which will bring together developers, founders and entrepreneurs, leaders from traditional and decentralized finance, policymakers, and more to share, learn, build, and engage!  

Meridian 2022 is an in-person conference and is free with registration for everyone.

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Denelle Dixon
Stellar Development Foundation
CEO & Executive Director
Alex Holmes
MoneyGram International
CEO & Chairman
Ruben Galindo
Candace Kelly
Stellar Development Foundation
Chief Legal Officer
Yanni Giannaros
Karen Chang
Stellar Development Foundation
VP of Engineering
John Hensel
COO & Co-Founder
Jed McCaleb
Stellar Development Foundation
Founder & chief architect



Creating a Digital Identity
Enabling The Future of Work
Is Cash Aid Dead
Emerging Stronger from Crypto Winter
Can Something Be Trusted and Trustless