Yanni Giannaros

Giannaros is the CEO of Wyre, a leading fiat-to-cryptocurrency and payment infrastructure company for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He has been involved in the management and growth of Wyre since founding the company in 2013. He has led the company through multiple fundraising rounds and has overseen all accounting, foreign exchange operations, risk management, banking, and compliance operations at Wyre since early 2013.
Wednesday, October 12
11:10 am - 11:50 am

Anchors: Stellar's Secret Sauce

Stellar enables equitable access to the world’s financial system, and this is made possible by an incredible network of anchors—entities that connect Stellar rails to traditional banking infrastructure. What makes for a good anchor? What does it take to provide reliable crypto/fiat connectivity? What kinds of business models can leverage the infrastructure anchors have built? Sit down for a conversation on all this and more with three Stellar anchor leaders.