Victor Mapunga

FlexID Technologies
Victor Mapunga is a seasoned serial entrepreneur from Zimbabwe dedicated to build solutions in Blockchain, Crypto, FinTech, amalgamated with a focus on emerging markets and the role of investment in the developing world. He is Founder & CEO of FlexID, a Self Sovereign digital identity platform which aims to unlock access to financial, insurance, healthcare & government services to over 400 Million Africans.
Wednesday, October 12
4:00 pm - 4:40 pm

Creating a Digital Identity: Addressing other barriers to financial inclusion

The World Bank has released a new report that shows improvements have been made in the total unbanked population (down to 1.4 billion), but calls out that access and adoption require other important steps, like identity and infrastructure. What decentralized identity solutions are needed to allow more users access to digital financial solutions? How do we build to reach more of the under and unbanked?