Torsten Stüber

Torsten Stüber has been a researcher in computer linguistics and machine learning and holds a PhD in theoretical computer science. He co-founded multiple tech startups and became interested in the exciting possibilities and challenges of blockchain technology. He joined SatoshiPay as CTO, a company that pioneered blockchain-based payment solutions. He is the CTO of Pendulum, a Polkadot parachain project that connects fiat networks to the Defi ecosystem.
Wednesday, October 12
2:30 pm - 3:10 pm

Interoperability = Cross-Chain

In order to avoid the pitfalls of the siloed financial system we have today, we must build toward an interoperable, cross-chain ecosystem. But to make this a reality there are decisions to be made that impact speed, user experience, and security. What are the considerations on the path to building a cross-chain world?

Wednesday, October 12
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Institutional Grade Services Built on Stellar

Join a selection of companies from the Stellar ecosystem for short demos which will provide an overview of additional financial services your business can access by partnering with institutional-facing defi companies.