Robin Newnham

Head of Policy Analysis
Robin Newnham is Head of Policy Analysis and Guidance at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, a global network of policymakers and regulators working towards inclusive finance for all. His work includes: developing policy insights on the opportunities and risks arising from technological innovation; supporting AFI’s membership to implement policy and regulatory reforms to advance financial inclusion; and representing AFI in policy dialogues with the G20 and global standard setting bodies such as the Financial Action Task Force and the Financial Stability Board.
Wednesday, October 12
11:00 am - 11:40 pm

Hope or Hype: How digital innovation will unlock economic opportunities

Blockchain’s promise is rooted in its ability to create economic opportunity for those left behind in the current system. But how do the organizations and researchers committed to these goals really think about the role of digital transformation and blockchain? Will it be a gamechanger or is it just hype? Come to this panel discussion to explore the answers.