Nye Liu

Nye Liu is Chief Engineer at Blockdaemon and specializes in networking, OSs, and open-source software collaboration and implementation. As a Chief Engineer, Nye heads Special Circumstances, a team of blockchain engineers responsible for the reliability and observability of blockchain infrastructure; additionally, they provide rapid response in adopting emerging technologies. Nye and his team also build cloud and protocol agnostic blockchain platforms that provide easy deployment, connection, and node management. Nye currently holds a BS from Caltech in Electrical Engineering/E&AS.
Thursday, October 13
10:30 am - 11:00 am

Why Stellar’s Approach to Decentralization Matters

Stellar has a unique design because it relies on Proof of Agreement for consensus.  What are the challenges and benefits of that design?  How does it impact decentralization? Join Blockdaemon Chief Engineer Nye Liu in a fireside chat with SDF's Justin Rice as they grapple with these, and other, weighty questions.