Marcelo Salloum

Marcelo Salloum is a Senior Software Engineer @ Stellar Development Foundation and has 2.5+ years of experience building software solutions in the Stellar network. He's currently a lead engineer at SDF's Anchor Platform project.Before joining SDF, Marcelo co-founded Cheesecake Labs, a software outsourcing company where he had 5+ years of experience in designing, planning, and developing full-stack software solutions on demand.
Tuesday, October 11
1:00 pm - 1:40 pm

Stellar: A Native Platform for Asset Issuance

The rise of digital assets is re-imagining how value is managed and moved, democratizing investments with fractionalization of real assets.  It brings ownership to a new level providing more liquidity, faster settlement, and lower costs.  Learn how two technology companies are working to facilitate asset issuance in Brazil and how these assets can transform the Brazilian financial markets. Get a technical perspective on the key features that makes Stellar a unique and ideal blockchain for asset issuance and how Mercado Bitcoin is doing it.