Kelsie Nabben

RMIT University / BlockScience
Kelsie Nabben is a qualitative researcher in decentralized technology communities. She is particularly interested in resilience and the human outcomes of digital infrastructure. Kelsie is a recipient of a PhD scholarship at the RMIT University Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society, and a researcher in the Blockchain Innovation Hub and Digital Ethnography Research Centre. She has advised federal and multilateral government agencies on cybersecurity and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and leads the governance research team at complex systems R&D firm BlockScience.
Wednesday, October 12
4:30pm - 5:00pm

Future of Community Funding: Turning SCF into a DAO

Since 2016, the Stellar Community Fund (SCF) and its predecessor have supported nearly 400 developers and businesses building on Stellar with almost $200M worth of XLM in funding. The fund has been iterated on many times based on community feedback, from improving submission guidelines to community voting to decentralizing decision making. With the approach of native smart contract functionality on Stellar, a once far-fetched interest becomes an attainable possibility to scale community participation: turning SCF into a DAO.