Katerina Furtak

Unstoppable Domains
Katerina joined Unstoppable Domains at its earliest days, has been an 11th employee, and has seen the startup grow to 160 employees and become a 1-billion dollar company. Katerina has been responsible for various business areas including hiring, partner integrations, and operations, and now she is managing strategic initiatives like developing Unstoppable Women of Web3 and Partnerships with Accelerators. Unstoppable Women of Web3 is the initiative with the goal to educate women on web3, drive diversity in the space, showcase more females and help them grow and connect with each other.
Tuesday, October 11
11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Crypto, We Have a Diversity Problem

If there’s one weakness crypto and tradfi have in common, equity and inclusivity. As we find ourselves in the early days of Web3, how can we ensure that women and minorities are building it, leading it, and able to access everything it has to offer?