Dr Anino Emuwa

100 Women @Davos
Dr Anino Emuwa is a global expert in the field of leadership working at the intersection of entrepreneurship, emerging technologies and D,E&I. She is the the managing director of Avandis Consulting and the founder of 100 Women @ Davos. A former corporate banker with Citibank, Anino sits on the board of Nottingham Trent University and chairs a Y Combinator-backed tech start-up. She is a judge for Cartier Women’s Initiative and Jack Ma Foundation’s Africa Business Heroes Awards. Dr Emuwa is featured as one of the Top 100 “Women of the Future: Metaverse and Web3”.
Tuesday, October 11
11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Crypto, We Have a Diversity Problem

If there’s one weakness crypto and tradfi have in common, equity and inclusivity. As we find ourselves in the early days of Web3, how can we ensure that women and minorities are building it, leading it, and able to access everything it has to offer?