Alex McDougall

Alex is an experienced executive in all aspects of banking, fintech, capital markets and M&A.Currently, Alex is the CEO of Stablecorp, a Canadian company who achieved a global first by launching the first bank issued Stablecoin along with pioneering the Stablecoin 2.0 model. In his role,Alex leads the company in all areas including strategic direction, ecosystem and partner expansion, development, compliance, and overall business growth. Prior to joining Stablecorp, Alex was Managing Director at 3iQ, co-founded Bicameral Ventures, and gained experience as an investment banker at the Bank of Montreal.
Tuesday, October 11
1:45 pm - 2:25 pm

The Spotlight is on Stablecoins: Building Utility and Trust Under Scrutiny

Join stablecoin issuers on the Stellar network (current and future) for a discussion on how they're driving utility and building trust with the public and policymakers.