• What is the theme of the conference?

    This year, the theme is: Build Locally, Impact Globally.

  • What is the format of Meridian 2021 and when does it take place?

    Meridian 2021 is a global online conference starting November 17th-18th, 2021.

  • Is it a virtual conference?

    Yes, Meridian 2021 is 100% virtual.

  • How much does it cost to attend Meridian 2021?

    Meridian 2021 is a free with registration conference.

  • Who can attend Meridian 2021?

    Meridian 2021 is open to everyone.

  • How can I register?

    All you need to do is visit the Meridian site, click ‘Register Now”, fill out and submit the registration form. Make sure you check your email to verify your registration and join the event.

  • I’m already registered, how do I join the event now?

    It is very easy! Click on the ‘Verify and join event” link in your registration confirmation email. This is a unique link for you to join the event. You can access the conference ‘Reception”, and build your agenda, and 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, you’ll be able to enter the ‘Main Stage’.

  • How many sessions are covered?

    Meridian 2021 has over 25 sessions including: keynotes, panels, and debates, as well as pre-recorded tech talks and demos.

  • How can I edit my profile?

    It’s simple! Follow these steps:
    1) Click on the ‘Verify and join event” link in your registration confirmation email.
    2) Click on the top right activity panel and click on your profile icon.
    3) Click on “Edit profile” and “Save”.

  • How can I add/remove sessions to/from My Agenda?

    It’s simple! Follow these steps:
    1) Click on the ‘Verify and join event” button in your registration confirmation email.
    2) From the event’s ‘Reception’ page, scroll down to ‘Agenda’ where all sessions are listed per day. Click on the ‘Add to My Agenda’ button from the session(s) you’re interested in.
    3) Selected session(s) will be directly added to ‘My Agenda’ tab located on the right-hand side of the activity panel.
    4) From the “My Agenda' tab, you can remove the sessions by clicking on the 3 dots and selecting ‘Remove this item’.

  • Will there be sessions on-demand available post-conference?

    Yes. If you missed some live sessions, you’ll still have the opportunity to watch (or re-watch) them! They will be available for you on the Meridian site shortly after the conference. Please check back!

  • Do you have closed captions available?

    Yes. English closed captions are available on the Main Stage. You can access it by clicking on the right activity panel and selecting the ‘Captions’ tab.

  • Is tech support available if I need help navigating the Meridian website?

    Yes. You can follow these steps:
    1) Click on the blue ‘Chat’ button in the lower left-hand corner of the event platform.
    2) Submit your inquiry and you’ll be directly connected with a representative within a few minutes.

    Before and during the event, [email protected] may be able to assist you as well. As Meridian 2021 is web-based, make sure your internet connection is working properly. The tech support team may not be able to assist you with these issues.

    Browser Compatibility
    Connectivity Settings
    Connecting from countries with internet firewalls

    If you have specific event related questions, email us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How can I share feedback?

    Your feedback is important to us and you’ll have the opportunity to share yours. We will share a Meridian 2021 survey with all attendees post conference. We look forward to hearing about your Meridian 2021 experience.

  • How can I win cool prizes?

    Attend sessions and stay engaged! If you correctly answer quiz question(s), you may be eligible for a prize! Winners will be notified post-conference.

  • I opted-in to receive physical swag items when I registered. When can I expect something?

    If you said you’d be open to receiving swag when you registered, attended sessions, and provided the correct shipping information, then there will be a Meridian Thank You package on its way for you! Given the high demands on shipping during the pandemic, we are working closely with vendors to try to get this package to attendees as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot guarantee a delivery time and are not responsible for any damage or loss. Restrictions may apply in some countries.